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Bristol Bad Film Club’s Best ‘Worst’ Christmas Movies

Planning on hosting a Christmas Bad Film Night? Here are some ideas…

As the Christmas season is generally busy for everyone, we will not be putting on a screening in December (however details of our January screening can be found here!).

However to ensure that you don’t go a month without viewing some form of cinematic abomination, we’ve come up with five awful Christmas films.

NB: Only Silent Night, Deadly Night Part. 2 is worth seeing…

2. Santa With Muscles (1996)

Santa With Muscles (1996)

Hulk Hogan doesn’t make good movies. This is not the exception.

It’s just awful, and Hogan is a criminal who believes he’s Santa Claus after getting amnesia.

Only note worthy for starring a young Mila Kunis.

1. Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2  (1987)

Silent Night, Deadly Night Part. 2

The first ‘Silent Night, Deadly Night’ featured a killer Santa and prompted legendary critics Siskel & Ebert to denounce the entire production team with the word “Shame.” It angered famed critic Leonard Maltin so much that he gave the film zero stars and questioned whether the filmmakers would one day depict the Easter Bunny as a pedophile.

Of course, it got a sequel. A really bad, but hilarious, sequel. Why hilarious?

Well firstly,  it uses tons of footage from the original film in “flashbacks,” which even the filmmakers admit was a cost-cutting move.

Then there’s ‘actor’ Eric Freeman’s performance as murdering-brother-of-murderer Ricky Caldwell, whose awful delivery of the phrase ‘Garbage Day!’ led to hundreds of memes.

SPECIAL MENTION: Star Wars Holiday Special


It’s not Christmas, but come on, Light Day is essentially the same thing. Truly awful, but worth watching just for Harrison Ford’s confused expression throughout.

You’ll note, Santa Claus Conquers The Martians (1964) isn’t on this list, because it’s just bad. Really bad.

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