SOLD OUT: RYAN’S BABE (2000) – 25th November, Bristol Improv Theatre

Is this Canada’s The Room?

Ryan’s Babe poster

In recent years, a film has been causing rumblings in the B-movie world, despite the fact that it is over two decades old. Lauded by Red Letter Media’s Best of the Worst and the subject of articles by Vice, Ryan’s Babe has gained enough buzz that its wildly confusing and all-over-the-road plot has led people to compare it to Tommy Wiseau’s cult classic The Room.

To quote Vice, “Directed by Ray Ramayya, starring Bill LeVasseur, and shot in Saskatoon, Ryan’s Babe was “released” in 2000 (predating The Room), but I’d never heard of it until last year. Apparently it played on Superchannel a few times and then sat on the director’s shelf for over a decade. There’s little information anywhere about the movie or its history. It’s so obscure it doesn’t even have a Wikipedia entry.”

In short also be noted that despite the official synopsis saying that Bill LeVasseur is a veteran of The West Wing, IMDB says that he was in two episodes in the uncredited role of ‘Presidential Aide’.

We are excited to bring this crazy Canuck classic to Bristol to see if it truly is as “rapturous, alien, and lobotomizing” as is promised.

A good heart and bad luck will get you nothing but trouble. That’s what Ryan discovers – the hard way – when he thought hitting the road would solve all of his problems, instead it was just the beginning. Ryan (Bill LeVasseur, The West Wing) falls into one circumstantial trouble after another. From getting car-jacked at gun-point, being mistaken for a mobster’s son, to a run-in with cheerleaders intent on vigilante justice, Ryan barely escapes one mess before landing in the middle of another. Finally able to go home, Ryan heads back out on the highway. But has his luck really changed, or is there only more trouble in store for our charming hero?

When: 8.00pm, 25th November 2021

Location: Bristol Improv Theatre, 50 St Paul’s Rd, Bristol BS8 1LP, UK

Tickets: £5


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“There are countless baffling moments throughout and I would say I’m not summarizing them to avoid spoilers, but really it’s because I can’t offer a coherent synopsis. Suffice it to say, by the end of the movie, neither myself nor any of my friends had any idea who Ryan’s babe was. And I haven’t even touched on the film’s constant farcical technical blunders.” – Vice

“Full of confusing plot turns, laughable coincidence and manic melodrama, Ryan’s Babe is a film that taps into the same unintentional comedy vein as Tommy Wiseau’s cult hit The Room.” – Paul Corupe,

“It may not have the highs of THE ROOM, but it moves like a bullet, jumping from one goofy scenario to the next. And every actor is sloppily post-dubbed, which give the auto-translated script, an extra slice of charming disconnect.” – FilmTrap