SOLD OUT: MANCUNIAN MAN: THE LEGENDARY LIFE OF CLIFF TWEMLOW + G.B.H (Double Bill) – 20th November, The Cube Microplex

We celebrate the career of Cliff Twemlow – bouncer, novelist, composer, screnwriter, producer and action legend with a double bill of Mancunian Man: The Legendary Life of Cliff Twemlow and his magnum opus G.B.H. (Grevious Bodily Harm).

For over a decade, Twemlow was the UK’s most prolific indie filmmaker.

Between 1982 and 1993, the Manchester-born Cliff Twemlow gathered a devoted team of local doormen, martial artists, variety performers, club DJs, models, girlfriends, gym friends, family members and industry B-listers to build his own cut-rate Hollywood empire.

Shooting on early pioneering video technology, composing all the music himself, and working on nearly nonexistent budgets, Twemlow and his unlikely ensemble of misfits tackled gangster films, horror films, spy thrillers, sci-fi epics and beyond.

Perhaps best known for 1983’s ultra-violent G.B.H. (GREVIOUS BODILY HARM) – which was banned as one of UK’s notorious Video Nasties – Twemlow’s unbelievably true story is now told by Jake West (RAZOR BLADE SMILE, MIDNIGHT PEEPSHOW) through exclusive interviews, insane film clips, rare behind-the-scenes footage and more. 

With the film earning rave reviews from genre film festivals around the world, here’s your chance to see it in Bristol with an adoring cult-loving crowd!

This film and event is certified ’18’.

Please note that unfortunately this screening will NOT be subtitled.

When: 7.00pm (doors open: 6.30pm), Monday 20th November

Location: The Cube Microplex, 4 Princess Row, Bristol BS2 8NQ


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“An essential watch for anyone remotely interested in indie film and the crazy days of the VHS era.” – Starburst Magazine

“Packed with nugget after nugget of delightful detail about the kind of fellow who may never pass this way again, Mancunian Man should chime with casual movie fans and struggling, zero budget filmmakers alike. For all his flaws, Cliff Twemlow was a true one-off, and this totally captures the essence of why.” –

“Mancunian Man left me wanting to see ALL of Twemlow’s oeuvre: the good, the bad, the ugly… and the unreleased!” – Nerdly