EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Tearing It Apart: A Conversation With Tommy Wiseau

We sat down with Tommy Wiseau, the writer, director, producer and star of the ‘Citizen Kane of Bad Films’: The Room

Talking to Tommy

As a borderline-obsessive fan of The Room, when we had the opportunity to direct writer/director/star Tommy Wiseau, we leapt at it with both hands. During our short, but enlightening interview, we discussed everything we could in that time including the legacy of The Room, his role in Samurai Cop 2, his upcoming ‘action film’ Extremes and whether he’s a dog or cat man.

We hope you enjoy it – we certainly did!

Big thanks to The Prince Charles Cinema for allowing us to use their auditorium and to my crew for the day: cameramen Isaac Jack McCardle and Thomas Phelan of Workhouse Films and sound mixer Guy Joyner.