PAROLE VIOLATORS (1994): 13th October, Bristol Bierkeller

It’s the most enthusiastic one-man stunt show you’ll ever see!

Parole Violators

Do you remember last year when we did a 24 hour bad movie marathon for Children In Need? It was a great cause, a great day… but one hell of a mental and physical slog. At the end of it, our valiant group had suffered through a lot of terrible, terrible films, but among them all was a gem – PAROLE VIOLATORS.

Directed by Patrick G. Donahue (Kill Squad), and starring his stuntman son-turned-actor Sean Donahue, this film is a testament to DIY stunt work and has more action then any film rightly deserves!

High falls clearly done without any health and safety procedures, slow, but what looks like full contact fight scenes and the most ludicrous car chases ever!


You won’t believe your eyes… and you won’t stop cheering!

When: 8.00pm, Thursday 13th October

Location: Bristol Bierkeller, All Saints’ Street, Bristol BS1 2NA

Tickets: £5 (profits will be going to

Tickets on sale now

TV show host Miles Long, trades his camera in for a 9mm hand gun when his girlfriends daughter is kidnapped by a parolee that he put behind bars while on the police force.


“In an age where the stuntman has been supplemented or even replaced outright by CGI chicanery, Parole Violators is a refreshing and rewarding watch for action aficionados. Between the epic falls, window smashing, and brutal car hits, this is some of the most insane cinematic stunt-work you’ll find in an American-made actioner.” Fist of B-List

“It´s so bad but very entertaining at the same time, reminiscent of David A. Prior´s Deadly Prey. Lots of action and a ton of unintentional comedy in this.” Independent Flicks

“PAROLE VIOLATORS is insanely action-packed, comically sleazy, and absolutely the sincere effort of a great many ambitious people that, despite not really knowing what they were doing, produced a back-alley plastic-surgery hybrid of LETHAL WEAPON, DEATH WISH 3, and “America’s Most Wanted” Letterboxd