Reb Brown: The legendary B-movie actor and star of Space Mutiny

Ahead of Space Mutiny, we tried desperately to get an interview with Reb Brown to talk to him about some of the films he’s appeared in over the past few decades – he refused (and, according to an intermediary, also wanted $1,000), so instead, let’s look at some of the highlights of his illustrious career!

Who is Reb Brown?

Imagine the quintessential all-American looking male – tall, blond, a chin that could shatter concrete and you have Reb Brown. As a former American football player, he looks like he’s the living embodiment of Captain America, so unsurprisingly he was cast as the Marvel superhero in two TV movies – Captain America and Captain America II: Death Too Soon!

Christ, he’s stacked – what else should we see him in?

We highly recommend the 1983 cult classic Yor: The Hunter from the Future. where Reb starts as a prehistoric hunter who battles dinosaurs, dangerous tribes and also people from the future! Also, he uses an ancient bat as a hand glider and has his own theme tune!

Click on the poster to hear the theme from Yor: The Hunter From The Future.

He also appeared in several films by Italian director Bruno Mattei such as Strike Commando and Robowar – which is a shot for shot remake of Predator, but with a killer robot.

He’s also in Cage and Cage II with Lou Ferrigno!

Awesome. So what’s with Space Mutiny and all these nicknames he has like Slab McLargeHuge? 

In the cheap sci-fi dumpster fire that is Space Mutiny, Brown plays Dave Ryder, a vest-wearing pilot that spends most of the film punching people and screaming. The film was infamously mocked in an episode of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 where the characters spent most of the episode coming up with new names of Brown’s character. They include: Stump Beefknob, Punch RockGroin, Dirk HardPec, Crunch ButtSteak and Lump BeefBroth!

Is he still acting?

Not really. He has retired from acting and lives with his wife and Space Mutiny co-star Cisse Cameron. He did pop up in the 2013 film Night Claws, but mostly he does the convention circuit in the States.

Man, it would have been great to get an interview with him…

I know right! If anyone knows how we can get an interview with Reb Brown, please let us know!