SOLD OUT: WAKALIWOOD FOREVER: Wakaliwood – The Documentary & Who Killed Captain Alex? (2010) – 30th August, Bristol Improv Theatre

This August, we’re celebrating the action films of Wakaliwood – the low-budget film industry developing in Uganda’s capital Kampala. We’ll be premiering Wakaliwood – The Documentary along with Uganda’s first action film – Who Killed Captain Alex?

In the slums of Wakaliga around Kampala, a group of self-taught filmmakers have created the world’s most DIY movie studio – Wakaliwood.

With props made from wood and scrap metal, this group of action film fanatics have released 52 feature films in the last ten years with their low-budget productions finding fans all over the world.

Wakaliwood’s main director is Nabwana Isaac Godfrey Geoffrey, who many have called Uganda’s Tarantino. Why? Because his films often feature gratuitous violence and his own distinctive brand of kung fu action.

Wakaliwood has became such a sensation that the BBC has run several articles on “Uganda’s Tarantino and his $200 movies“!

To celebrate these film-makers, we’ll be premiering a new documentary, Wakaliwood – The Documentary directed by Ben Barenholt, and screening the studio’s viral hit – Who Killed Captain Alex? 

Billed as Uganda’s first action movie, Who Killed Captain Alex? went viral in 2011 when a minute-long video went around the world showing bloody gun battles, speeded-up kung fu fights and low-rate computer-generated helicopters bombing Kampala.

When: 8.00pm, Thursday, 30th August 2018

Location: Bristol Improv Theatre, 50 St Paul’s Rd, Bristol BS8 1LP, UK

Tickets: £5 (all profits going to the film-makers of Wakaliwood!)


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“Filmed in and around the director’s back yard, it tells the meandering, head-scratching story of some Army commandos fighting the Tiger Mafia in the slums of Kampala. Machetes swing, blood squibs are poorly popped, neighbors and cousins posing as stuntmen posing as actors jump and run around and shoot at each other in an orgy of exploding heads and rattling Kalashnikovs that would make Reagan-era Stallone weep with pride.” – Million Money Theatre

“Clearly, what Plan 9 from Outer Space is to sci-fiers, Captain Alex is to Rambo-esque action aficionados. The film opens with the bombing of New York City for some odd reason. Then with the vigor and expertise of suburban kids playing Cowboys and Indians in the backyards of the 1950s, the cast here runs to and fro, yelling and killing and dying while deliciously cheesy special effects are edited in over their dinner-theater theatrics.” – The Huffington Post

“It doesn’t seem right to even go into the script issues on a movie that was made for under $200 and has an audio track making fun of it the whole time…” – Birth.Movies.Death