SOLD OUT: THE DRAGON LIVES AGAIN (1977) – 20th July, Bristol Improv Theatre

On the 50th anniversary of Bruce Lee’s death, we screen one of the strangest Bruceploitation films to ever have been made.

When Bruce Lee died in 1973, the Hong Kong film industry wasn’t about to let the legendary screen hero disappear from the public consciousness, especially after the worldwide success of Enter The Dragon (1973). They hit upon the idea of creating films using actors that looked slightly like Bruce and could imitate his style and movements and the Bruceploitation genre was born.

Over the next few years, scores of films were made that took aspects of Bruce’s life that made the front of the local tabloids and fictionalised it. Under-whelming sequels were made to his original films, but with demand for Bruce Lee content coming from all over the world, producers leaned into the Bruceploitation genre and made stars of the likes of Bruce Le, Bruce Li, Dragon Lee and even Jackie Chan, who appeared in New Fist of Fury.

However, few Bruceploitation films are as bizarre as The Dragon Lives Again.

The multiverse has never been filled with this much madness. Easily one of the most unhinged and surreal martial arts spectacles to ever escape from Hong Kong, The Dragon Lives Again finds the spirit of Bruce Lee (Bruce Leung Siu-lung) battling through the Underworld against Dracula, James Bond, The Godfather, “The Exorcist,” Emmanuelle, some mummies, and more. But he’s not alone!

Along the way, Bruce befriends the One-Armed Swordsman, Caine from the TV show Kung Fu, and last but not least, Popeye the Sailor.

Previously only available via crusty bootlegs, THE DRAGON LIVES AGAIN has been preserved in 2K from AGFA’s 35mm print—the only known print in this universe, or any other.

This film and event is certified ’18’.

Please note that unfortunately this screening will NOT be subtitled.

When: 8.00pm (doors open: 7.30pm), Thursday 20th July

Location: Bristol Improv Theatre, 50 St Paul’s Rd, Bristol BS8 1LP, UK


All tickets : £5 (All profits will go to Bristol Soup Run Trust)

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“The Dragon Lives Again will probably annoy enthusiasts of martial arts films and the diehard fans of Bruce Lee, but it will provide endless amusement for those who enjoy watching crazy films while filling their systems with endless mugs of beer or puffs of weed.” – Film Threat

“Any review could not fully capture what is in essence something that has to be seen to be believed as the words “Only in this film” can be used with confidence here.” – Grindhouse Database