The cordially Uninvited

On Saturday, over 200 people filed into the Doubletree Hotel at the end of BristolCon for the latest Bristol Bad Film Club screening Uninvited.

Over 200 people prepare to behold Uninvited
Over 200 people prepare to behold Uninvited

With plenty of time at the bar, the crowd’s appetite was suitably whetted for the film. The film starred George Kennedy, an actor who you see and go, “I know him from somewhere…” without quite being sure where. It also starred a cat. Well, more than one cat which were carefully selected to look like the same cat. (No, actually, they weren’t. At all.)

Said cat proceeded to terrorise a boatload of (self) Important People, and our bearded hero Hedgewood. Remember people, beards are heroic and cool. We’re not biased in saying this. It’s essentially turns into a portion of The Wolf of Wall Street, but with a killer cat on the boat.

We’re very grateful to BristolCon and the Doubletree for hosting us, and to Holly Hedge with additional promotion, to whom proceeds from the night will be going.

Screening 16, 21 November, 2014, Templegate Dojo

The evening was a sell out, so if you don’t want to risk missing out on next month’s BLACK SAMURAI, or December’s ELVES, best get tickets now! Black Samurai is on 21 November at the Templegate Dojo, and Elves is on 17 December at the Bierkeller. Tickets available here.

We’re also excited about our new t-shirts, available through Call of the Brave. More info is available here. It’s a perfect Christmas present!