All new exclusive Bristol Bad Film Club t-shirts!

We are very pleased to be able announce that we are working with local ethical t-shirt producer Call of the Brave to bring you an all new, previously unavailable, Bristol Bad Film Club t-shirt!

What is Call of the Brave?


At the heart of Call of the Brave is the fight against unfair fashion. When the Rana Plaza building in Savar, Bangladesh collapsed in April last year, 1,134 people were killed, all of whom were working in horrendous conditions making garments for big name clothing providers. This inspired the creation of Call of the Brave. The t-shirts that Call of the Brave use are locally designed, ethically-sourced, high-quality, and not made in sweatshops. You can read more here. We’re really pleased to be able to work with them to bring you this exclusive BBFC design, a two-tone version of our logo. You can read more about the t-shirts, and what they’re made of here.

How does it work?

Each design works like a mini Kickstarter. You pre-order the t-shirt, and once enough pre-orders have been made, the t-shirt is made. It means that there’s no limitation on sizes available to you. You’re only charged at the end of the pre-order period, assuming there are enough pre-orders, just like with a Kickstarter.

Enough! How do I get one?

Head on over to Call of the Brave (or you can click on the t-shirt pic above), and place your pre-order for your own personal slice of BBFC memorabilia. The pre-order deadline is Friday 21 November, at 11.59pm, so you’d better act fast… That’s just after our screening of Black Samurai. Once we hit that deadline, assuming we have enough pre-orders, the t-shirts will be made, and sent out with free P&P.

Happy shopping!