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Bad Films Doing Good

When Ti and I set up the Bristol Bad Film Club, it was – let’s be honest – to see brilliantly bad films on the big screen. What we didn’t expect was the hugely positive response we have had from the people of Bristol and its surrounding area.

This wasn’t a venture we set up to make money. It was for the love of cinema, especially really bad cinema. So, since it wasn’t to make money, we figured that we could give something back to the community in the unlikely event it made some small amount of profit.

Because of YOUR support and love of bad films, we have been able to donate the frankly phenomenal sum of over £1,100 in 2013, split across the following charities:

Awamu – a charity helping children with HIV in Africa;



The Whiteladies Picture House Campaign – Bristol’s very own Kickstarter-assisted campaign to restore a beloved cinema;


Help for Heroes – helping those who suffer life changing injuries sustained in the line of duty, and;


Millie’s Trust – providing Paedriatric First Aid to help reduce the instances of cot death, following the tragic death of the girl who gives the charity its name.

The charities are not all promoted at the screenings themselves: they are not necessarily appropriate to be discussed before or after what is essentially a night of comedy. But these are charities with focuses that are important either to us, or to someone connected to us, and they deserve the recognition and the funds that, through your help, we can provide.

In 2014 our charities continue to be diverse, and important. We may not make a big thing at all our screenings about it, but it is one of the real-world outcomes of your attendance at our screenings.

Thank you.