Get on board with the Bristol Bad Film Club!

On Saturday night, 70 people climbed aboard the MV Balmoral to watch the Bristol Bad Film Club’s latest offering, Shark Attack 3: Megalodon, starring John Barrowman.

The MV Balmoral, the venue for the screening
The MV Balmoral, the venue for the screening

No prior knowledge of Shark Attacks 1 and 2 are necessary to enjoy SA3. While the other two are genuine attempts at proper films, SA3 is utterly lacking in anything approaching a script, acting, or quality. What it lacks in those areas, it gains in unintended comedy. Not even Captain Jack can save it.

The question “how many ways can you enter a shark’s mouth” is one for the ages. This film does well to answer that: lots.

The film does little to apologise for its shameless ripping off of the Jaws music. Or indeed Jaws itself. It’s like somebody took everything that made Jaws great, and threw them into the ocean. What is left behind is Shark Attack 3.

The venue, the MV Balmoral, was notably smaller than our last venue – but it made for a more intimate screening that was no les enjoyable for those who managed to snap up the tickets. They were treated to a chance to look around the ship, still being renovated, and see the engine, walk on deck, and generally get a real sense of being on the ship before settling down to watch the film itself.

A huge thanks to Dave Bassett and the volunteers who run the ship, and are responsible for getting it back into a sailable condition. The money raised at the screening will go towards that fund.

Next time…

This Friday, we are back AGAIN with a vengeance. Two 80s films of exceptional quality. It’s the 80s Action Double Bill!

Deadly Prey is, essentially, Rambo with zero budget. It tells the story of an elite squad of mercenaries who are kidnapping innocent people off the streets of Los Angeles in order to hunt them for sport. Unfortunately, they kidnap Mike Danton – who just happens to be one of the greatest warriors who has ever lived and turns the hunters into the hunted… while wearing only a pair of denim cutoffs!

Hard Ticket To Hawaii is best known for its ‘frisbee death scene‘ which has made it a hit on YouTube. The film follows government agents Donna and Taryn (played by Playboy centrefolds Dona Speir and Hope Marie Carlton) who uncover a diamond smuggling plot. Before they know it, they’re being pursued by hit men, a deadly female body builder and a killer snake that has been infected with toxic waste!

Tickets are just £7 (two films for less than the price of a cinema admission for one film!) and the screening is this Friday, 19 September, at the Redgrave Theatre in Clifton. Get your tickets here, now!