Twice the films, twice the action, twice the level of nudity

For our final event of Scalarama 2014, we showed a double bill of cult action classics Deadly Prey and Hard Ticket to Hawaii.

Deadly Prey

Is there anything better than watching a man getting beaten to death with his own arm?

Strange question, but it was clearly one of the highlights of the night, as one-man army Mike Danton went on the rampage killing all those that had wronged him over the previous 85 minutes.

For many, Deadly Prey is the epitome of the direct-to-video boom that dominated the 1980s. Borrowing liberally from the best of the genre, such as First Blood and The Most Dangerous Games, it contains everything you’d expect from the decade – gratutious violence, mullets, dubious fashion and an evil Brit pulling the strings.

Althought the dark ending may have surprised a few, director David A Prior (who we were able to interview) supplied us with the trailer for Deadliest Prior, a 27 years later sequel that reveals that the battle between Mike Danton and Colonel Hogan is far from over.

While Deadly Prey played it straight, director Andy Sidaris went completely the opposite way for camp actioner Hard Ticket To Hawaii. Containing more topless shots than a stripper convention, the film took everything you love about Bond films and threw in everything else, including a killer toxic snake, which got the biggest cheer of the night.

Killer snake

We look forward to seeing you all at our October screening for killer cat movie – Uninvited.