SOLD OUT: NICK FURY: AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D (1998) – 29th April, Bristol Bierkeller

April is pretty much ‘Marvel month’ as The Avengers: Age of Ultron hits cinemas and Netflix releases their Daredevil miniseries. As such, we’re going to screen the Marvel adaptation that the comic giant never talks about…

Nick Fury

Before Marvel Comics launched their own studio system in 2008 with Iron Man, their properties were owned by assorted studios who didn’t exactly treat them with respect (see Roger Corman’s never released Fantastic Four).

Another one of these properties was Marvel’s superspy Nick Fury which was, at the time, owned by 20th Century Fox. The studio decided to test the waters on whether the character would make a potential hit TV series, by making a feature-length pilot, casting ‘so-hot-right-then’ Baywatch star David Hasselhoff as the titular hero. (For those counting, this is now our SECOND Hoff movie!)

Agents of SHIELD

On scripting duties was David S. Goyer, who has since written a lot of comic book movies including Blade, Batman Begins and Man of Steel. We’re guessing he’s doesn’t mention this film that often.

The feature-length pilot received a mixed reception at best and The Hoff’s Nick Fury never went to series. It’s now entered legend as one of those comic adaptations that people don’t really believe ever happened… so that’s why we’re showing it this April!

When: 8.00pm, 29th April 2015

Rating: 12

Location: Bristol Bierkeller, All Saints’ Street, Bristol BS1 2NA

All profits to Smile With Siddy

Retired SHIELD agent Nick Fury is asked to return to duty to take down agents of the terrorist organization HYDRA, led by the children of Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, an old enemy of his. HYDRA has reconstituted a pathogen known as the Death’s Head virus, and threatens to attack Manhattan with it, barring payment of US $1 billion.

Advance tickets sold out

“The worst kind of low-budget, half-effort adaptations that all comics properties were once condemned to. Just one notch above the seventies Captain America.”  John Parker, Comics Alliance

“The character of Nick Fury has a rich history and a deep back story that may someday make for a good film. This low-budget, low-quality affair is definitely not it.” Cindy White, IGN

“Stan Lee put me in that. He gave me the best line ever: ‘Guys like you tend to cling to the bowl no matter how many times you flush.’ Stan Lee came on the set and told me all about Nick. He said ‘You’re the ultimate Nick Fury’.” David Hasselhoff