Bristol Post’s New Weekend Cover Girl!

With less than a week left until the first screening on Thursday 15 August, Bristol Bad Film Club has made the front cover of the Bristol Post‘s Weekend magazine!

Edward D. Wood Jr’s Plan 9 From Outer Space will be screened at 8pm in the Lansdown, Clifton, and there is just a handful of tickets left.

This is just the first screening; like the undead, the Film Club will rise once more, and return to bring more bad films to Bristol!

If you’re not able to come to this screening for whatever reason, keep an eye on our Facebook page and our Twitter feed for up to date info.

And as if local paper coverage wasn’t enough, tune in to BBC Radio Bristol on Tuesday 13 August, 3.15pm, to hear BBFC co-founder Timon Singh talk about the Club.

To paraphrase Plan 9, you can bet your badges you haven’t seen the last of us weirdos.